Early Bird Special

Hi. This is Arjuna Ardagh here. Although we have not yet fully released the Living Awakening course to a bigger population, I have put this page together to give you a feel for what it is all about. There is a video at the bottom of the page which gives you a taste of what is inside the members area.

I know that there are many courses on the internet today that offer you the techniques and strategies to have great relationships, make more money, live your purpose, have great sex…

But there is something at the core of all of these things that determines the true quality of each area of your life, and that is the state of consciousness in which you participate.

For the last many thousand years, there have been two important ways that human beings develop and evolve. One has been called “spiritual,” and cultivates inner awakening. The other has been called “worldly,” and cultivates outer accomplishment.

For the most part, these two ways of development have been divorced from one another.

Living Awakening brings you a radical and revolutionary discovery: not only is this split unnecessary, but exactly the opposite is really true. This course teaches you how to cultivate awakening as the foundation for a multi-dimensional successful life, but also how balance in every area of life is actually the best foundation for real awakening.

I am an awakening coach. I will be the main guide and teacher throughout the course. But I’m not alone. I have assembled some of the greatest teachers alive, and interviewed them on high-definition video. You will learn how to LIVE states of awakening consciousness as a dynamic gift to the world, that embodies multi-dimensional success and contribution.

Jack Canfield, who is one of our faculty, said this about the course:

“All of the principles that I teach are expanded and lifted up by this course.

If you look at the law of attraction, which says, ‘ask, believe, receive,’ one of the big issues for people is that they’re not really creating intentions from the depth of consciousness that they can. They’re not creating the vibrational match for the things they want.

I’ve looked around, and there’s only a few courses on the planet that really address this. Living Awakening is one that does. I want to highly recommend that you get involved with this, that you participate in it, that you purchase it, that you do the work, because I know that it will radically, in a huge expansive way, make you much more effective at achieving everything in your life, and allowing you to have much greater love, joy and peace.

This is a great opportunity. I hope you’ll participate in it.

This course will:

  • Guide you into “radical awakening,” 
introduce you to the dimension of your consciousness,
 which is limitless, and free, and the source of all creativity.
  • Give you the reassurance, and the confidence in your own awakening, by hearing of the “moments of awakening” of some of the people you most admire for their huge contribution to the world.
  • Allow you to see every area of your life from a radically different perspective: the perspective of awakening. You will have access to HD video from experts in every field, helping you to see intimate relationship, parenting, health, work and money in a completely different way, free of the limitations of the conceptual mind.
  • Hand to you the clearest, most refined, and greatest tools directly from the people who have used them to live in magnificent ways. These tools are not theoretical, but concrete, practical ways to live to your greatest potential.
  • Give you a new understanding of what is happening in the world today, and how you can “surf” the wave of rapid change, instead of being taken under.


Here are some highlights of what it takes to live awakening in your day-to-day life:

Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks

Talk about how their marriage is founded in spacious consciousness, and how they’ve learned to constantly meet each other from limitlessness. Listen to them talk about “space sex,” the ultimate in sexual intimacy

Jack Canfield

Talks about the true foundation of success in his own life, which is to relax completely into the only source of true inspiration, where boundaries disappear

Marianne Williamson

Explains why meditation and dissolving is the foundation of all real service in the world

Dr. John Gray

Talks about his 9 years of intensive retreat in a meditation center, which was the foundation and soil out of which all of his best-selling books have arisen
Genpo Roshi
Speaks about the modern day application of zen practice, and the extraordinary nature of the time in which we live

Sonia Choquette

Talks about how to make decisions from intuition, and how to use your body as an antennae for knowing the right thing to do

Mark Thornton
Talks about what’s going on behind the scenes in the most innovative companies in America, who are embracing spiritual practice as a foundation for a completely new and ethical way of doing business

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Shares her vision of where we’re headed as a race, and how you can best align yourself with our collective future


All of these experts, and more, talk about their own personal and intimate experience of awakening consciousness, and how it has been the secret foundation for their success in the world. These experts have been gathered together in one place, guiding you on what it takes to live awakening in every area of your life, using the most effective and proven tools, which have worked for them over decades, so that you can also live at your edge, giving your gifts to the world.

To get the course at the discounted introductory price of $97 (a $200 discount), click on the button below, and enter the code “amazing”


People have different styles of learning. Some people may enjoy to treat Living Awakening as a process of exploration: checkout something that grabs your interest, and then let it lead you to the next thing in your journey. Some people learn better in a structured way. So we have put together all the material in a 30 module course, broken into ten sections:

Section 1: Arrival

I will welcome you to the course and give you clear explanations of what to expect

Section 2: Longing
We can so easily be influenced by other people about what we think we should want. By connecting to your own authentic longing, you discover the power of why you are alive on the planet.

Section 3: Radical Awakening
This is the foundational section of the course. I will guide you into your own personal recognition of the infinite consciousness beyond the limited mind.

Section 4: Living It
You will learn why awakening can so easily be a fleeting experience, rather than the foundation of every area of your life. Find out what it takes to breathe awakening down into the body and for it to become a gift.

Section 5: Beyond Belief
As soon as we have a glimpse of who we are beyond the mind, the relationship to thoughts is forever changed. You will learn how to release limiting beliefs, not to replace them with different ones, but to live life from spontaneous response and inspiration.

Section 6: Inspired Certainty
This is the key to easy and effective action in the world. You have a unique gift, that flows through you like no one else. In this section, you will learn how to discover that gift and let it flow.

Section 7: Feeling
We have been taught that feelings are a barrier to “spirituality,” but this is not really true. We will meet with pioneers in the field of “feminine awakening,” and discover how feelings can be a highway to Living Awakening.

Section 8: Translucent Relationship

You will hear from experts like Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, and John Gray about intimate relationship beyond the personality. Discover the magic of “space sex.”

Section 9: Translucent Business
By now everybody knows that the old models of doing business just don’t work. Meet cutting edge consultants like Stephen Josephs, Mark Thornton, and more, talk about how business and work can become an expression of awakening.

Section 10: Translucent World
We live in times of rapid transition. Meet Barbara Marx Hubbard, Peter Russell, and other experts, as they guide you into how to be present in the transition that we are passing through globally.

People have been asking us, so what exactly is inside the course? Here is a very amateur little video that gives you a feeling for everything in the members area:

Once you learn to connect with this deeper dimension of yourself, and to connect it to every aspect of your life, everything becomes radically different.

In these times of rapid transition, there is no better time to dive into this exploration.

Click below and get started right now, and I will be waiting to meet you on the other side.

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